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Leading clean, sustainable energy for Africa

Nigus International is leading the charge in energising Africa through innovations harnessing Africa's most available resource, the sun.

Innovating the right way

Our renewable energy products strive to solve all challenges involving traditional energy production

AC/DC Flexible Support

Smooth & renewable generation

Intelligent A.I driven scheduling

Active Power Loss Reduction

On and
Off grid Operation

Stable Line Loss Compensation

Configure Your Unit

If you want to purchase any of our solutions, configure your unit and we will contact you about setting up your home or facility with the right solution.

African growth and technological advancement can only be empowered through sustainable handling of energy generation

Access to clean and reliable sources of lighting and electricity not only improves people’s economic, health, and educational status, it is also fundamental in changing their social standing and the wider environment at large.

This is why I am very dedicated to this cause.

-HRH Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim

Data Center

Our Products & Solutions

Nigus Footprint

Having the target of leading Africa's Sustainable Energy efforts, Nigus has an active footprint in various African countries.

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South Africa

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South Sudan

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