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Intelligent Mico Grid

This is a high-efficiency and smart micro-grid system. Intelligent micro-grid integrates solar modules with LFP battery energy storage systems.

It can improve the convenience of charging, provide fast energy storage service, optimize city power grids and effectively solve the problem of land supply tension, as well as long construction periods.

This system can be used for off-grid power requirements or imbedded power for communities and industrial parks.

Our Storage system can be primed for hybrid input, which allows for greater flexibility in application.

The Dome

Nigus Solar Dome

The Dome is a flexible solution made for many purposes. It serves a multitude of applications like:

  • Sustainable non-disrupted green energy

  • Cold storage

  • Office space

  • Shop system

  • Aquaponic food production

  • Water pump and water storage

  • Energy management system

  • Battery storage

The Cube

These are portable easy install retail solar products. Specially designed by Nigus to be of use as:

  • Compelling cost/benefit ratio 

  • All products are mobile  

  • Easy installation requires minimum efforts 

  • Cube technology provides a “all-in” solution for energy self-sufficiency •

  • All-in cubes provide an energy on demand approach 

  • Flexibility – “all-in cubes” can be adapted to specific requirements 

  • Multi-usage – can be used for individual households, companies, farmers  up to independent villages 

  • Replace and relieve Diesel generators

Nigus Solar Cubes
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