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About Nigus International

Nigus International Investment Limited is a high-tech enterprise that integrates Research and Development in the production, sales, and service of lithium battery energy storage equipment.

With energy storage applications technology at our core, we provide our customers with products and solutions on the power generation side for utilities, power grid resources for distribution companies, power smoothing equipment for industry, critical infrastructure products for airports, schools hospitals as well as products for residential use.

Our products help to augment intelligent micro-grid systems. We provide mobile energy storage vehicles, intelligent power supplies (household energy storage, base station power supply) and much more. Nevertheless, based on the advances in electrochemical and power electronics technologies, NIGUS has integrated cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and the internet-of-things (IOT) to empower the energy industry.


We are committed to building a renewable energy industry ecology and trading platform.

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To lead the drive for sustainable and intelligent energy solutions in Africa.


To promote, develop, pioneer and manage the progress of clean and sustainable energy powered by cutting edge technology in Africa.

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Africa needs an alternative energy solution that is cost effective, in line with COP28 objectives, and is ready to immediately solve the demanding energy needs of Africa

Nigus International Team

Nigus International is led by a team of seasoned, knmowledgeable, well travelled and versatile individuals with a deep passion for transforming the living, economic nd health circumstances of Africa and humanity at large. 

It is in the nature of Nigus' team to be exceptional and highly performing at all levels.

HRH Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim

Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim is the Chief Executive Officer of Nigus International Investment Limited.

An accomplished businessman with his most successful ventures being in the renewable energy and technology sector.

In the late 2000s, Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim began to focus on sustainable renewable energy, solar products, and hybrid energy systems.

Crowning his investment in renewable energy, Prince Malik served as Under-Secretary at IREO, a UNITED NATIONS body on Renewable and Sustainable Inter-Governmental cooperation between 2007-2011.

Maj. Gen. Aliyu Sulaiman Dili

Major General Sulaiman Dili Aliyu (rt), graduate of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna Polytechnic, Command and Staff College, University of Abuja, National Defence University Being- China and Tshinghua University Beijing-China.

General Aliyu holds an MSc International Affairs and Strategic Studies, Masters Degree in Business Administration, Post Graduate Diploma in Security and Strategic Studies, Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Certificate in Security and Strategic Studies and a Fellow of the National Defence University and a Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE).

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HRH Prince Azad Ado-Ibrahim

A holder of multiple technical engineering certificates. He served five years in United States Marine Corps as an Aviation Technician on Multiple platforms and Maintenance Controller/Asset Tracking and Procurement from 2008 to 2013.

In 2014, he joined the entertainment part of the company, investing in media broadcasting rights and Server setup and program up-keep.

From 2015 to mdi 2016, he shifted from entertainment back to military/defence asset procurement, designing a Nigerian version of the MRE for entities from Nigerian youth Service Corp (NYSC) to the Nigeria Armed Forces and IDP program.
He is currently working as the technical representative of the company on multiple 100 Megawatt Solar farm in Nigeria, as well as the Solar energy hub being developed in Adamawa State

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Mr Charles Kadiri

Mr Charles Kadiri brings over 20 years of both National and international finance and banking experience.


Having worked at Bank of America and leading banks in Nigeria.


Mr Kadiri offers strategic investment advice and a lean tool- box of management implementation methods.


With a penchant for risk management, managing the company's finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record- keeping, and financial reporting.


He has the vast knowledge of both the public and private sector of the Nigerian economic landscape.

Alex Ike Onyekuru

Attorney at law with international training and exposure in the Oil and Mining industry Worked as partner at alpha juris chambers (I 994- 1997) Transport policy advisor to Nigerian Minister of Transport (1999-2003) Special Assistant to President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria [Presidential Matters]


Chief Legal Advisor and Chief Operations Officer Capricore International Resources. 

Developed a niche in strategic management of complex policy and regulatory policy advising.

Barrister Alex has been an integral part of the planning and development of Nigus as the group diversified its operations over the last 3 years.


His intimate grasp of legislatives issues in the country and ECOWAS region also provide the company with a very targeted and strategic focus for growth.

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