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A leading Chinese new energy technology company, BEINJING ZHONGMIN XIN JUNLONG NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY COMPANY has signed a $1 Billion dollar Agreement with Nigeria’s integrated clean energy company NIGUS INTERNATIONAL to introduce Zhongmin’s leading technology solution to revolutionise gas flaring solution in Nigeria. The Agreement was signed by the Chief Executive Officer of Zhongmin and His Royal Highness Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim the Chief Executive of Nigus International at a signing ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria on January 5, 2024. This agreement marks the first foray of the energy technology company in Africa after its remarkable success in gas flaring solution technology in China and Asia.

Gas flaring is the combustion of associated gas produced with crude oil or from gas fields. Upstream operators often face significant challenges capturing, treating, storing, transporting, and commercializing associated gas with consequent flaring. While concerted efforts by government and industry players has led to a reduction in flaring, data obtained from the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) has shown that in excess of 10 billion standard cubic metres of gas was flared between January 2022 and August 2023 alone costing the Federal Government loss of about N843bn. On the other hand, the quantity of gas flared in the first six months of 2021 was capable of generating 14,000 gigawatt-hour of electricity, and an equivalent of 7.4 million tonnes of CO2 emission.

However, the true inestimable cost of gas flaring is the release of the two major greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and the more harmful methane causing extensive environmental damage fermenting air pollution and global warming. Flaring unrefined gas at Nigeria’s oilfields produces sulfur oxides and leads to acid rain and environmental pollution. Acid rain damages trees and vegetation and can acidify groundwater as well.

HRH Malik Ado Ibrahim
The CEO of Nigus International HRH Malik Ado-Ibrahim and the CEO of Beijing Zhogmin Xinjunlong New Energy Technology Company Ltd., Yung Ruming

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of Zhongmin had this to say:

“Our decision to approach Nigus International was driven by their reputation as the foremost fully integrated energy solutions provider in Nigeria and by extension, Africa.

Beyond associated gas capture, our technology offers an environmentally efficient Gas to Liquid (GTL) refining process to convert methane-rich natural gas or other gaseous hydrocarbons into liquid synthetic fuels such as gasoline or diesel fuel for economic use. As a company with long experience in natural gas utilization, gas power generation, refining and chemical engineering we understand first-hand the huge economic benefits of gas recovery from flaring and its immense contribution to Nigeria’s industrialization drive. We are therefore ready to partner with IOCs, independents and the government.”

HRH Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim is optimistic the partnership with Zhongmin will usher in a new era in providing the much needed environmental management solution. In his statement, he remarked: At Nigus our focus over the years has been in innovation in clean energy space resulting into our end-to-end solutions in solar energy and battery storage facilities. Our strategic partnership with Zhongmin addresses a tripartite objective of enhanced environmental management solution coming on the back of COP28; economic benefits in the form of conversion of flared gas to much needed liquid fuels; and a technology partner with the financial resources to address gas flaring issues. Myself and the team at Nigus welcome this novel addition to our bouquet of energy solutions.

The Nigus International team with the Beijing Zhogmin Xinjunlong New Energy Technology Company Ltd team


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